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What's new in Office 2021

What's new in Office 2021

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular software suites for productivity, used by millions of people around the world. The newest version of Office, Office 2021, has just been released, and it comes with some exciting new features and updates. In this article, we will take a closer look at what's new in Office 2021, so you can decide if it's worth upgrading.

  1. Refreshed design and UI The first thing you will notice when using Office 2021 is the refreshed design and user interface. Microsoft has made significant changes to the look and feel of the software, making it more modern and user-friendly. The icons, colors, and fonts have been updated to provide a more consistent and cohesive experience across all Office applications.

  2. New and improved collaboration tools Collaboration is a key feature of Office, and Microsoft has made significant improvements to make it easier and more efficient. Co-authoring is now faster and more reliable, and you can collaborate in real-time with others using shared documents. In addition, there are new tools for tracking changes and commenting on documents, making it easier to work together on projects.

  3. Enhanced security features Security is always a concern when it comes to software, and Office 2021 includes enhanced security features to keep your data safe. Multi-factor authentication is now available for all Office applications, and Microsoft Defender has been integrated to provide real-time protection against viruses and malware.

  4. New and improved AI-powered features Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent in software, and Office 2021 is no exception. There are new AI-powered features, such as Presenter Coach in PowerPoint, which provides real-time feedback on your presentation skills. In addition, there are new data types in Excel, such as stock and geography, that use AI to provide more accurate and comprehensive data.

  5. Accessibility improvements Microsoft has also made significant improvements to accessibility in Office 2021. There are new features for improving readability, such as text spacing and column width adjustments, and new color schemes designed for people with color blindness.

Conclusion: Office 2021 is an impressive update to an already popular software suite. With its refreshed design, improved collaboration tools, enhanced security features, AI-powered features, and accessibility improvements, it's a must-have for anyone who uses Office regularly. If you haven't upgraded yet, now is the time to do so